Refill & Reuse Kiosks

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Tovi Foods is proud to pioneer the Refill & Recycle station where you can bring in any clean, empty cooking oil bottle and refill with the finest quality canola oil from Tovi. Our bright and stylish stations will dispense fresh and healthy Tovi Canola oil at many locations Island Wide.

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Why use Tovi Refill & Reuse Kiosks?

Save money - No need to constantly pay for a new plastic bottle.

Save Environment - Reuse a container and stop it going to landfill

Prevent Wastage - Just buy the amount you need in litre increments

Best Quality - Always Fresh and Available when you need

Refill & Reuse Kiosk Services

Refill & Reuse Stations are provided free of charge to selected Retail partners. Request here to get a Refill Station for your store.

Looking for a Store or Kiosk Location? You can find the nearest Refill & Reuse Kiosk in your area with our Store & Kiosk Locator here.

How the Refill & Reuse Station Works

The Refill & Reuse station is a free-standing, self-contained kiosk supplied free of charge to selected retail shops throughout Sri Lanka. Upon setting up, retailers use the supplied Tovi Cooking Oil exclusively in the refill station. We supply in a convenient 10-litre format for easier storage and kiosk refill. We provide support and training to help you succeed in selling the minimum volume commitment of 5 litres per day. From there, the procedure for retailer and customer is simple.

The retailer sets up a Tovi Refill & Reuse station.

The dispensing unit is filled with up to 10 Ltrs Tovi Finest Canola Oil

The customer comes in with their empty cooking oil bottle.

The shop clerk assists filling the bottle with fresh, healthy Tovi Canola oil

The customer than pays the shop clerk the per litre price for the full bottle of cooking oil.

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