Quick Service Restaurants

Quality and Reliability is our Specialty

Tovi Foods is a specialist in being able to partner with Quick Service restaurants to provide high-quality and healthy cooking oils.  Our commitment to ensuring supply chain dependency and offer fixed pricing over a contract term protecting our clients from both commodity and currency exchange fluctuations.  Tovi’s range of specialist canola cooking oil with E900 antifoam agents and our deep frying cooking oil with its blend of canola and high oleic sunflower oil is a recognised solution for our global QSR operations

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Solutions for QSR

Tovi Foods cooking oils are ideal for quick service restaurants due to their stability at high temperature and long service life in the deep fryer.

Volume to Scale

We can scale to meet any volume required, from 10 litres PET to full container load (FCL) orders, all delivered directly to site.

Partnership Opportunity

Our dedicated quick service restaurant team will provide strategic partnership opportunities, giving you access to our high-quality and healthy cooking oils.

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