Product Manufacture

We Select our Partners Based on Quality - Not Cost!

Tovi Foods is very selective in working with our global suppliers. All our products are manufactured from within the European Union and therefore are held under strict biomanufacturing standards and regulations. It is these standards that limit pesticides, ban GMO's and guarantee the quality and natural health benefits present in our cooking oils.

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What we look for

No middle man - product is refined and packaged in Germany

Low/No Pesticide use on crops.

Environmental belief to reduce greenhouse gases.

ISO quality assurance.

Use of recycled PET plastics.

Vegan/Vegetarian friendly products.

Health focused products - not high in saturated fats.

Advanced Production

Our product is produced using advanced processing and packaging systems which ensure a quality product from paddock to plate.

Scalable Yet Affordable

We can deliver quantities of varying size, from 1L to 1000L and cater to any demand.

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