Giving Back

Giving 1% Revenue to Great Causes

Our business believes in Triple Bottom Line economics, a foundational set of principles which commit our focus on as much social and environmental issues and concerns as we do profit. Our mission is bold yet simple, We will donate 1% of all revenue generated on product sales towards people and programs within the community. So as we grow, our commitment and overall impact in Sri Lanka will do the same. When consumers choose Tovi products, they become a force for positive change that helps people and planet.

From Charities, NGO's or just passionate individuals championing a worthy cause, we partner long term to take on broad social, environmental or educational issues that affect the people of Sri Lanka. This may include preventing habitat destruction and protecting rainforests or support for orphanages and welfare groups.

School Donation program

Tovi also has a charitable donation program for Schools, many of which receive anywhere between LKR 400,000 to over LKR 1 Million in donations every term.

Have a Project?

The Team at Tovi are always happy to discuss new and interesting projects, either small or large, in which we can support and help succeed. If you have a project that that you think we should support, provide the details below.