Our Cooking oils are refined and bottled in Germany under strict international ISO standards of quality, foods safety and environmental sustainability.

With full ISO90001, ISO50001 and ISO140001 quality accreditation, IFS and SLSI approval, Halal, Kosher and the only oil approved as being Heart Healthy by the US Food & Drug Administration – Tovi cooking oils are the right solution for any need.

Specifications & Certifications
Tovi Canola Oil - Product Specifications Refined Canola (Rapeseed) Oil. Download
TOVI Gold Frying Oil - Product Specifications Refined Canola (Rapeseed) Oil, High-Oleic Sunflower Oil Blend. Download
Quality Management - ISO 9001 Accreditation Aligns an organization’s performance and strategic direction through a holistic, process-based approach to global best practice. Download
Energy Management - ISO 50001 Accreditation Energy management system to manage an reduce energy usage & cost and increase efficiency. Download
Environmental Management - ISO 14001 Accreditation Environmental management system to effectively identify, measure, manage and control environmental impacts and risk. Download
Food Safety GMP+ B1 Certification World class standards for food production, handling, trade, storage and shipment. Download
Intertek International Featured Standards (IFS) Certification GFSI-recognised standard for certifying the safety and quality of food products and production processes. Download
REDcert EU European Certification for the sustainable production of bioliquids for use in the food/feed industry. Download
REDcert 2 A certification extension for the sustainable production of biomass from arable crops specifically for the food sector. Download
Kosher Approved All ingredients and production processes are certified Kosher. Download