About Us

Tovi Foods is not your average company…

Tovi Foods is a fast-growing, modern & innovative Sri Lankan business that imports and distributes high quality cooking oils grown, processed and bottled directly from Germany. With operations across United Kingdom, Australia and headquartered in Sri Lanka, our strict quality standards ensure we only import 100% pure and healthy cooking oils for both domestic and international markets. Our global team of professionals drive key sales, marketing, logistical and support programs delivering technological innovation, efficiency and value back to our customers.

Launched in the middle of a global pandemic and economic recession we are proud of our disruptive business model where we leverage the best e-commence technology and digital marketing tools to provide our business partners and customers with the best possible service whilst aligning to our unrivalled commitment to product quality, health benefits, supply chain dependability and environmental commitment.

Commitment for a sustainable future

Tovi Foods stands apart with its commitment to donate 1% of all revenue to charity and environmental causes in Sri Lanka. Since company inception, our Triple Bottom Line business philosophy has guided our direction with the belief that People, our Planet and Profit are equally important towards a sustainable future. Our focus on the environment is absolute - from commitment to eliminate 1-million plastic bottles going to landfill to our carbon offset and recycling programs or our Refill Stations where you can refill an empty bottle with 100% pure and healthy Canola oil, we are driven to make a positive impact on people and planet.

The best cooking oil for any requirement

Tovi Foods offer a comprehensive range of high-quality cooking oils including our range of 100% pure Canola and Sunflower oils. Our range varies to ensure the most economical and efficient cooking oil for its application. Whether it be general usage or quick service deep frying, Tovi Cooking oils guarantee reliability and longevity whilst delivering health benefits to consumers.

High Performance Blends

Tovi deep frying oil is a blend of pure canola and high oleic sunflower oil which offers high temperature stability and long service life in the deep fryer. The Tovi cooking oil for Food Service is a speciality blend of pure canola oil with Antifoam E900 added.

Packaging with the planet in mind

Our packaging options include Modern Trade focused glass 750ml, 1-litre PET and 2.5-litre PET bottles, as well our 10-litre PET bottles and 1,000 litre Viscotainer MKII which is an environmentally friendly version of the traditional IBC packaging.

Glass 750ml Bottle

1 litre PET

2.5 litre PET

10 litre PET

1,000 litre Viscotainer MKII

Meet the team

As a swiftly growing business we are proud that we are creating employment in Sri Lanka, providing training and exposure to our team on world-class technology and marketing concepts and building a business where our culture and belief in the The Triple Bottom Line business model will have a tangible impact on our team, our community and the planet.