Sri Lanka’s first healthy canola oil ‘refill & reuse’ station at Good Market Colombo

Sri Lanka’s first healthy canola oil ‘refill & reuse’ station at Good Market Colombo

by Devishka Sooriyapperuma on March 24, 2021

On Saturday 29th March 2021, Tovi Foods will launch the first heart-healthy Canola cooking oil ‘Refill & Reuse’ station at the Good Market Colombo. The simple idea allows customers to bring in an empty cooking oil bottle – and simply refill it is with heart-healthy, cholesterol lowering Canola oil.

With an aim to eliminate 1 Million PET plastic cooking oil bottles from going to landfill in Sri Lanka – the initiative will allow consumers to save both their health and the environment at the same time! Tovi’s heart healthy and high-quality Canola oil is grown in Germany, is a NON-GMO low pesticide crop natural in Vitamin E, Vitamin K and contains essential fatty acids Omega 3 and Omega 6. 

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 Tovi Canola oil is recognised to be the healthiest of all vegetable/cooking oils due to is extremely low level of saturated fat.  With only 7% saturated fat Canola Oil is 13x times healthier than coconut oil (92% saturated fat) and 13x times healthier than palm oil.  It is globally recognised as being ‘heart healthy’ by the US FDA as it lowers cholesterol therefore reducing the risk of heart attack. 

“We are excited to be welcomed into the Good Market global community and to be launching our healthy canola oil Refill and Reuse station at Good Market Marketplace event on Saturday. Tovi Foods was formed with the belief of the Triple Bottom Line – People, Planet & Profit all being equal, and this aligns wonderfully with the good market credo of ‘good for people and good for the planet’.” - Rob Hill, CEO.

 Tovi will be offering refills of fresh, 100% pure and heart healthy canola oil from our Refill and Reuse stall and customers can simply bring in an empty, clean bottle or Tovi will provide a fully reusable and recyclable glass bottle.  The Saturday Good Market happens every week from 9 am to 5 pm (rain or shine!) and is in the Nuga Tree Car Park behind the Ministry of Sports and next to the Colombo Racecourse.

About Tovi Foods

Tovi Foods is a Sri Lankan business that imports 100% pure and healthy canola cooking oil into Sri Lanka, and it is available online at, in small retail stores, directly to our Food Service and Commercial customers as well as to our partners who use canola in their food, cosmetic and other products for both local sales and export.  Using the latest technology and digital marketing, as well as our ‘farm to consumer’ business model we supply the healthiest, freshest canola cooking oil at the lowest price.  With our focus on improving health, our community and the environment we are a business designed for the 2020’s and beyond.

Tovi Foods is vastly different with its commitment to donate 1% of all revenue to charity and environmental causes in Sri Lanka.  Formed using the business philosophy of The Triple Bottom Line it has the belief that People, our Planet and Profit are equally important.  Tovi Foods’ focus on the environment is absolute from its commitment to eliminate 1-million plastic bottles from going into landfill, the carbon offset of our operations, the unique recycling program, and our Refill Stations where you can refill an empty bottle with 100% pure and healthy Canola oil.

Available in sizes from a convenient 1 litre bottle through to a 1,000 litre IBC for commercial clients; the Tovi Canola cooking oil is available to order online at for free, next day delivery in the Western Province; at the Good Market in Colombo on Saturdays plus our Food Service and Retail clients can order online or from our field sales team.  Contact for more information.