Tovi Foods - Refill & Recycle station

Tovi Foods - Refill & Recycle station

by Devishka Sooriyapperuma on January 05, 2021

From its inception Tovi Foods has been built with an overarching desire to not do damage to our environment; and that is pretty hard for a business working in Food Products. The single use of PET plastic bottles in cooking oil generates a horrendous impact on the environment with used bottles ending up in landfill or in the worst case scenario we see them washing up on our beaches and littering the street.

Tovi Foods has developed our Refill & Reuse stations which are a self-contained unit placed in hundreds and maybe thousands of retail stores in Sri Lanka. Each Refill & Reuse station has a 20-litre tank of fresh, healthy Canola oil and customers can simply go into their favorite store and fill up their empty plastic cooking oil bottle.

Do you need 1 litre, 2 litres or more? It's easy.. Just bring in your clean bottle, fill up with fresh oil and pay the store for the oil.

 Why would you want to do this?

  1. Save money - The cost of the plastic bottle is included in every purchase of a new bottle of cooking oil. When you don’t need to buy the bottle - you save! Plus our retailers buy Tovi cooking oil in bulk and pass on some of this saving!
  2. Save the planet - Every time you refill a bottle you save a bottle from going into landfill

Tovi Foods does not charge our retail partners for a Refill & Reuse station! They certainly cost us money to manufacture (but they are beautifully made in Sri Lanka!) but we will work with any retailer, market stall holder or other entrepreneur who wants to work with us. If your local store doesn't have a Tovi Refill & Reuse station - then tell them to contact us today.


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