Tovi Foods launches specialist QSR range of cooking oil in Asia

Tovi Foods launches specialist QSR range of cooking oil in Asia

by Devishka Sooriyapperuma on April 18, 2021

Following the recent ban on importing unhealthy and environmentally damaging Palm oil into Sri Lanka as well as the scare of Aflatoxin poisoned coconut oil – Tovi has seen the demand for our specialist Quick Service Restaurant and Food Service focused healthy cooking oil products significant increase. Since our inception, the Tovi focus has been on sourcing the healthiest, most environmentally friendly cooking oil products for our specialist customers. Our focus has been on the importation of the highest quality products that are refined and packaged in Germany as there are simply too many risks associated with health, quality of product, and the environment when supplying poor quality products.

The Tovi QSR and Food Service range now includes:

  • Tovi 100% pure Canola oil.
  • Tovi Cooking oil for Food Service - 100% pure Canola oil with E900 antifoam agent.
  • Tovi Frying oil for Food Service – A specialist blend of Canola oil and high oleic Sunflower Oil.

The Tovi range of cooking oil is supplied in recyclable 10-litre PET plastic bottles which are intentionally lighter than the traditional 20-litre cans of oil – which is important for the long-term health of those carrying the oil within their workplace. These convenient and see-through bottles – simply reduce the physical strain employees undertake in their day-to-day work activities. With our focus on cooking oils which have the lowest level of saturated fats – our commitment has always been to ensure our Food Service and QSR clients can help to make their customers healthier, which is becoming an important marketing battleground for many QSR groups. Canola and Sunflower are recognised as being the healthiest cooking oils available and their impact on the environment is manageable. There are no rainforests cut down to grow either crop!

The specialist range of canola and sunflower oils are designed for both cooking and frying purposes, with high smoke point and reuse factor and are a proven solution for the QSR and Food Service sectors. With full ISO90001, ISO50001 and ISO140001 quality accreditation, IFS and SLSI approval, Halal, Kosher and the only oil approved as being Heart Healthy by the US Food & Drug Administration – Tovi cooking oils are the right QSR and Food Service cooking oil solution.

With our commitment to protect our customers from global commodity price fluctuations which have caused cooking oils to increase on average 40% over the past year as well as to shield them from currency movements – our 6 or 12 month long-term supply contacts help to ensure price stability as well as providing a supply chain guarantee. Put simply, our clients will not run out of Tovi products.

Our QSR and Food Service partners are often looking for a specialist partner to provide them with multiple full container loads (FCL) per month of our speciality products as well as leveraging Tovi’s brand and digital marketing capability. Consumers today want to know they can trust the cooking oil used in their meals and are swiftly growing aware of both the health and environmental impacts of their choices.


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