Tovi Affiliate Program launches in Sri Lanka

Tovi Affiliate Program launches in Sri Lanka

by Hannah Hodson on March 12, 2021

Tovi Foods is proud to launch the most exciting and financially rewarding Affiliate Program in Sri Lanka. Our Tovi Affiliates are genuine brand ambassadors and influencers – who work with Tovi to promote our heart-healthy canola cooking oil whilst supporting our pledge to donate 1% of our revenue to charity and helping support our mission to be environmentally friendly which includes our commitment to stop 1 million plastic bottles from entering landfill in Sri Lanka.

Not only do our Affiliates act as brand ambassadors and influencers but earn a steady monthly income stream that is directly related to both the size of their social media following and influence but also the effort they put into the program. We have found that those with a smaller social media following can create a very good income stream just be focusing on their activities.

The great thing with a food product like Tovi’s healthy canola oil – is that families, restaurants, bakeries and commercial clients – all use cooking oil every single day of the year. They buy the same amount of cooking oil every day, week or month and they keep buying it. 

It is not a one-off purchase - which really helps our Affiliates to earn income over an extended period of time.

The Tovi Affiliate program rewards our affiliates with a financial reward of between LKR 50 – LKR 250 for every bottle that ‘their’ followers consume – and they earn their commission for up to 6-months on every single purchase made by the same customer. 

affiliates cash offer tovi

Using our world-class digital technology – our entire program is automated, and our Affiliates can easily monitor the number of clicks their promotional work has created, the number of orders, the total sales value and importantly how much they have earned.

A Tovi Affiliate is given a unique URL weblink and a discount code – that they can share with their followers. When the following clicks on the URL link or enters the code the sale is registered to the Affiliate. Tovi is very focused on ensuring we provide exciting offers that our Affiliates can use – beyond the incredible health benefits of our Canola oil. Currently, the offer includes 10% off the purchase price and free delivery! It becomes a win/win situation – Affiliate followers gain access to special incentives and the Affiliate can earn an income.

Tovi Canola oil is recognised to be the healthiest of all vegetable/cooking oils due to its extremely low level of saturated fat. 

With only 7% saturated fat Canola Oil is 13x times healthier than coconut oil (92% saturated fat) and 13x times healthier than palm oil. It is globally recognised as being ‘heart healthy’ as it lowers cholesterol therefore reducing the risk of heart attack.

“The Tovi Affiliates program provides a unique opportunity for digital influencers in Sri Lanka, whether you have 500,000 followers or 500 followers, all our Affiliates can earn a steady, and growing monthly income. My team provide full training, support and ongoing guidance to our Affiliates and of course they have access to all of our digital marketing tools, images and programs.” - Hannah Hodson, VP Affiliates.

Learn more about the Tovi Affiliates program today at and consider joining - it is free to join and you just may start making yourself a very good monthly income!

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by Rasith Gunaratna on March 30, 2021

Please send more details on affiliate program.


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