The Relentless Focus on Quality

The Relentless Focus on Quality

by Devishka Sooriyapperuma on May 12, 2021

Since the inception of Tovi Foods, our vision of becoming a leading regional supplier of healthy cooking oils into South Asia has been underpinned by one absolute commitment – QUALITY. Indeed, our guiding Triple Bottom Line principles - where Profit, People and Planet are equally important - reinforces this very intention. There are so many ways to ‘cheat the system’ when it comes to the quality of vegetable oils and to increase profit, with greed the primary motivator at the expense of consumer health. Like any product, it is easy to buy poor quality cooking oil to reduce cost and increase profit however, when it comes to cooking oils, these oils often come with very real and deadly health impacts.

Poor quality source crops and manufacturing processes can contribute greatly, such as:

  • Aflatoxic Environments – Poor raw material quality control and handling combined with profit maximisation have resulted in a lot of coconut oil to contain cancer-causing Aflatoxins. They manifest from mould growth known in tropical, humid regions.
  • Pesticides used on the crop – Many countries have no control or limitation on what pesticides are used on vegetable oil crops. And there is well-documented evidence to suggest pesticide used on crops will be present within the oil. Many countries in the European Union and across the USA have outright banned these oils from sale due to this fact and inevitably these oils are then sold into countries that do not have the import controls or testing.
  • Heavy Metals in the oil – Land that has been poisoned by heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and quicksilver will subsequently poison the crops planted on it. A poor quality soil will produce a poor quality crop. For instance, would you want your oil to be grown on land in Chernobyl, Ukraine which is contaminated by a nuclear disaster?
  • Dioxins – Dioxins are highly toxic compounds produced as a by-product in some manufacturing processes and can be found in vegetable oils that are not produced in a modern, clean and responsible plant. For Manufactures, it costs more money to ensure the dioxins are not produced during manufacture – and many producers simply save money and don’t care.

    The unfortunate reality is that, as a Food importer, it is possible to intentionally reduce your cost per litre by deliberately buying cheaper, poorer quality (probably dangerous) cooking oil. At Tovi Foods we are proud that we source only German grown, refined and bottled cooking oil. Further to this, our oil undergoes the most rigorous testing by three independent and external food laboratories as well as our own rigorous tests at our production facility. 

    We deliver the best quality oil to Sri Lanka without putting consumer health at risk. With Tovi, you are in safe hands.


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