Giving back during the Covid Pandemic

Giving back during the Covid Pandemic

by Devishka Sooriyapperuma on September 22, 2021

The past couple of months has been a very challenging time for Sri Lanka. People in our community, struggling to access essential food and services, are doing it tough. And, although in lockdown themselves, our team have continued to serve their customers and have witnessed these challenges directly. The situation we face is one of the many reasons Tovi Foods incorporated our Triple Bottom Line economic principles. We believe in Giving Back to our Community and made a commitment to treat People, Planet and Profit with equal importance.

To date, we have donated many thousands of rupees to worthy causes all across Sri Lanka and we are proud to be able to continue this work.

Tovi Foods, working alongside local temples and in coordination with public health inspectors, have been able to continue giving back to our local community with many different programs designed to ensure we have a broad and meaningful impact across Sri Lanka.

We have been:

  • Providing multiple large donations of Tovi Canola oil directly to families and community groups who can use our healthy cooking oil in feeding their community.
  • Paying for and distributing dry goods such as rice, milk powder, dahl, spices, and other goods to families in need.
  • Providing over 500 fully cooked meals to Covid infected families who are forced into quarantine.
  • Donating cash funds to help with education expenses, including learning materials and art supplies.

Through a combination of hard work from our team and the support of our clients - who continue to partner with Tovi Foods, buying our healthy cooking oil – our ability to support our community continues to increase every month.

Our commitment is not motivated by marketing or advertising benefits. Indeed, many of our programs go unannounced on newsletters or our social media channels. We simply do the needful – help out as much as we possibly can. Team Tovi knows what we are doing and indeed the recipients of our support appreciate what we do and simply send us β€˜merits’.

The Covid pandemic has been hard on many people around the world but as a business, we are proud that we survived, have grown and critically we have given back in a meaningful way.

by Chalinda fernando on January 05, 2022

Very good πŸ‘Œ

by Jeral Fernando on January 05, 2022

Highly recommended this product πŸ‘.

by W.A.R.Dilshan on January 05, 2022



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