Can Canola Oil make you Live Longer?

Can Canola Oil make you Live Longer?

by Devishka Sooriyapperuma on November 22, 2020

When compared to many other edible oils – the answer is YES!  There are several quite specific factors which definitely contribute to you living longer. 

The first thing to note is how you consume your edible oil.  If you are simply drizzling oil over a Mediterranean salad – then extra virgin olive oil really cannot be beaten.  If, however you are using your edible oil in your daily cooking – fry deep frying, cooking a curry and shallow frying then the following key elements all combine to help you live longer.

Canola oil is rich in two polyunsaturated fatty acids that are essential in your diet because your body can't make them:


  • Alpha-linolenic acid (ALA)  is an essential omega-3 fatty acid
  • Linoleic acid (LA)  is an essential omega-6 fatty acid.

 Canola oil also contains very high levels of monounsaturated fatty acids.  These again all contribute to increasing health in terms of cholesterol.  One very valid proof point is that Canola oil is authorized by the US Food and Drug Administration to carry a heart-health claim!  Confirming it is a very healthy edible oil.

It is also important to note that when compared to the other common vegetable oils the market, canola oil has the lowest levels of unhealthy fat.  Saturated fats raise the bad cholesterol (LDL) in your body and have been linked to coronary heart disease. Olive oil and soybean oil contain twice as much saturated fat as canola oil, with palm oil and coconut oil be the worst possible option.

In addition, Canola is free of cholesterol and very importantly it provides both Vitamin E which is an antioxidant and Vitamin K is needed for normal blood clotting.


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